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I Am Wonder


Do you remember how old you were when they told you to stop asking questions? I'm here to remind you what it felt like to explore the world around you with unlimited whimsy and curiosity. 

Ask the hard questions, ask the silly questions, ask the scary or obvious questions. Ask them in the way you reach out to a loved one. Ask them in the way you tip your barista. Ask them in the way you talk to yourself in the mirror. 

I have been traveling the US since 2014, asking questions in music and storytelling. Challenging the numbness we've been conditioned to. Breaking open the shell of apathy. 

My only mission is to guide you into a cathartic experience: if you see me perform, and leave having felt something, I have been successful. Whether it's introspection, or joy, or Nostalgia over a great Eurythmics cover, or laughing at a bad joke, or the flutter in your stomach when you realize a poem spoke to you--there are no wrong feelings. There are no bad feelings. 

Here, now, is the question: 
I see you. 
Do you see me? 


Let's Create Magic

Welcome to the most treasured and intimate facet of my life as a musician. House concerts are free to host, free to attend, and guaranteed to be unforgettable. 

Following the model pioneered and time-tested by Shannon Curtis, I've had the privilege of taking my original songs, stories, and hard questions to homes across the United States since 2015. 

I would love to create an experience with you that will leave your community glowing for months to come. Contact me today to inquire about becoming a house concert host!


Send an email to Wonder@iamWonder.net.


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8/27: Leavenworth, WA - The Loft, 9pm

8/29: Snohomish, WA - Snohomish Farmers Market, TBD

8/30: Salem, OR - Vagabond Brewing Company

8/31: Salem, OR - Victory Club


9/1: Leavenworth, WA - Stein, 7pm

9/7: Chelan, WA - Steelhead Cider, 9pm

9/8: Seaside, OR - Dough Dough Bakery

9/10: Leavenworth, WA - The Loft, 9pm

9/11: Wenatchee, WA - WildFlour Restaurant

9/12: Leavenworth, WA - The Loft, 9pm

9/15: Portland Market, 11:30am

9/19: Leavenworth, WA - The Loft, 9pm

9/20: Seattle, WA - W Hotel, 6pm

9/21: Medford, OR - Walkabout Brewing Company

9/23: Scottsdale, AZ - Center Stage Bar

9/25: Scottsdale, AZ - Thirsty Camel at the Phoenician, 5pm

9/27: Scottsdale, AZ - MixUp Bar at Royal Palms, 7pm

9/28: Phoenix, AZ - The Omni (Trio Show), 8:30pm

9/29: Phoenix, AZ - Lustre Rooftop Bar (Trio Show), 1pm

Currently booking for summer & fall 2019! Email wonder@iAmWonder.net to book a house concert.


I couldn't do what I do without the support of my community. From listening to my songs on bandcamp, tuning into the livestreams on Facebook, and bringing warmth in person to the shows I play, you are the reason I do what I do--and it's your support that allows me to keep growing this without an escape hatch or a plan B. 

Patreon is a deeper layer of the relationship I have with my listeners and supporters. Those who wish to support me directly are able to do so on a monthly basis for an amount of their choosing, in exchange for exclusive rewards and content. 

Join me on Patreon. We're making something beautiful, and I would love for you to be a part of it. 


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