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I Am Wonder


Oregon-born singer and storyteller in love with the Pacific Coast and the world. One-man-band and multi-instrumentalist. I am Wonder: Serial traveler. Perpetually inspired. Enamored with everything.  


Let's Create Magic

Welcome to the most treasured and intimate facet of my life as a musician. House concerts are free to host, free to attend, and guaranteed to be unforgettable. 

Following the model pioneered and time-tested by Shannon Curtis, I've had the privilege of taking my original songs, stories, and hard questions to homes across the United States since 2015. 

I would love to create an experience with you that will leave your community glowing for months to come. Contact me today to inquire about becoming a house concert host!


Send an email to Wonder@iamWonder.net.


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This Far Alive

by Wonder
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8/20: Yolo, CA - Yolo Brewing, 3pm

8/21: Rescue, CA - House Concert! (message me for details)

8/22: Hayward, CA - House concert (message me for details)

8/23: Hayward, CA - The Bistro, 5pm

8/25: Idyllwild, CA - Idyll Awhile Wine Shop & Bistro, 7pm

8/26: Los Angeles, CA - Sabor y Cultura, TBD

8/27: San Diego, CA - Nate's Garden Grill, 10am

8/28: Hollywood, CA - Republic of Pie, 8pm

8/30: Azuza, CA - Mantra Coffee, 8pm

8/31: Phoenix, AZ - The Listening Room, TBD



9/1: Chandler, AZ - Fibber Magees Irish Pub, 8pm

9/2: Scottsdale, AZ - Pho Cao, 8pm

9/3: Tucson, AZ - Monterey Court, TBD

9/4: Bisbee, AZ - Ana's Seasonal Kitchen, 12pm

9/4: Bisbee, AZ - The Quarry, TBD

9/6: Tucson, AZ - Bar Passe, 5pm

9/9: Twin Falls, ID - Anchor Pub, 7pm

9/12: Jacksonville, OR - Britt Festival, Garden Performance Stage, 6pm

9/13: Oregon City, OR - Wild Hare Saloon, 7pm

9/14: Hood River, OR - Slopeswell Cider Co, TBD

9/17: Moab, UT - The Helipad, TBD

9/18: Global Goods and Coffee, 5:30pm

9/19: Boulder, CO - The Laughing Goat, 9pm

9/20: Denver, CO - Epic Brewing Company, 8pm

9/21: Palmer Lake, CO - Speedtrap, 7pm

9/29: Enumclaw, WA - Kelly's Mercantile, 6pm

9/30: Leavenworth, WA - der Hinterhof, 2pm

9/30: Wenatchee, WA - Tastebuds, 6:30pm



10/7: Leavenworth, WA - der Hinterhof, TBD

10/13: Salem, OR - Vagabond Brewing, 8pm

10/14: Leavenworth, WA - der Hinterhof, TBD

10/20: Salem, OR - Victory Club, TBD

10/22: Eugene, OR - Sweet Cheeks Winery, 2pm

10/26: Eugene, OR - Black Forest, TBD

10/29: Mendocino, CA - Flow Restaurant & Lounge, TBD

10/31: Mendocino, CA - Flow Restaurant & Lounge, TBD



11/1: Soquel, CA - Discretion Brewing, TBD

11/2: Scott's Valley, CA - Steel Bonnet Brewing, TBD

11/3: San Francisco, CA - Freewheel Brewing Company, 8pm

11/4: San Francisco, CA - Red Poppy Art House, TBD

11/9: Spring Valley, CA - De Oro Mine Company, TBD

11/10: San Diego, CA - TBD

11/13: Tucson, AZ - Bar Passe, 5pm

11/17: Union, WA - Robin Hood Village Resort, TBD

11/18: Union, WA - Robin Hood Village Resort, TBD 


Currently booking for Summer & Fall! Email wonder@iAmWonder.net to book a house concert.


I couldn't do what I do without the support of my community. From listening to my songs on bandcamp, tuning into the livestreams on Facebook, and bringing warmth in person to the shows I play, you are the reason I do what I do--and it's your support that allows me to keep growing this without an escape hatch or a plan B. 

Patreon is a deeper layer of the relationship I have with my listeners and supporters. Those who wish to support me directly are able to do so on a monthly basis for an amount of their choosing, in exchange for exclusive rewards and content. 

Join me on Patreon. We're making something beautiful, and I would love for you to be a part of it. 


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